Micro Habit Challenge 2.1 – A Life without Coffee is Possible

Allright, ten days without caffeine are over. What had changed in the meantime?
At the beginning of my challenge it seemed like an insurmountable hurdle not to drink a single cup of coffee for an entire week. I was already so used to have a coffee in the morning and the next one before lunch. In light of the fact that an existence without this dose was unimaginable for me, I easily renounced. It actually turned out to be just a small change of my morning routine, but the effects were mind-blowing.

What are my learnings?

  1. Ginger tea and a cold shower substitute coffee perfectly. The additional plus: It is actually much better for my health. Instead of “poisoning” myself I detox in the morning.
  2. Indeed the monkey in my head calmed down a bit. Well, I’m still hyperactive, but my mood and my ability to focus stabilizes without caffeine intake.
  3. My sugar consume increased a bit. At the middle of the week I bought chocolate cookies and I ate half of it at once – probably as a surrogate-satisfaction. But I will manage that. 😉
  4. Decaffeinated coffee is not toooo bad. Well…

How do I want to handle my consume in the future?

My most valuable insight: A life without coffee is possible. Yes, it is. I still love coffee and I can’t deny a good cappucino or italian espresso. But the experiment proved my addiction. One approach in my life is enjoying the good things thoroughly without abusing them. If you listen to your favourite song every and every day it gets boring at some point and isn’t it the same with coffee or any other addictive substance? From now on I want to be a pleasure drinker not an caffeine junky anymore.




One thought on “Micro Habit Challenge 2.1 – A Life without Coffee is Possible

  1. Let me add some personal experience about coffee consuming and other stimulants drinks. Is better to replace coffee with herbal infusions that will give you real energy, is right to have ginger tea, I add also to this tea fresh lemon juice and honey in it, but only when is less hot, more exact when is about +40 celsius, because honey and lemon juice will lose their nutrients in hot water. And to finish my explanation about consumption of energy stimulants you have to remove they 99% and replace with herbal infution or macerated tea – cold infusion, there are also fresh juices or green smothies this will give you a lot of real energy and they are best for mornings.

    Other advice is about consuming procesed sugar that is every where in supermakets in sweets, biscuits, cakes, candies, chocolate … this kind of sugar creates also addiction and is realy destructive for our body. Replace it if you want with consumption of fresh honey – I eat 2 or 3 small spoons when I feel need of someting sweet. But not every day I need it because I understand best for heathy body is sugar from fruits so I enjoy almost every morning some sweet fruits or green smoothies if not in the morning then for sure before lunch with 40 min. This are not strict rules till you allow yourself to understand where industrie of sweets got wrong, lost natural way because of making money games, so now is coming new alternatives of sweets that are raw cakes, biscuits, chocolate, all this new products do not contain proccesed sugar.

    Fruit sugar do not create addiction and must be consumed with measure.

    I offer private consultancy and teach about healthy nutrition and lifestyle, recommend me any time, thanks!

    Have a good challegne!

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