Welcome to my brain clutter. This blog is an experiment and my articles are not intended to be complete or scientifically relevant.

I’m not aiming for completion. I’m aiming for authenticity.

Through “writing my heart out” I want to finally become friends with my demons and abandon unhealthy behaviors from my life. I like to call it “writing therapy”- a process of creative (self)-discovery.

In the past years I’ve read some books that inspired me to search for my own path. Also I’m constantly gaining insights through my own experiences.

I consider it as my purpose to share these insights with you. This is what I’m trying to do with this blog.

The idea for growthbuddy.rocks grew from my strong desire to learn more about personal growth and personal development myself. All I want is to find a “valve” for my discoveries and to trigger my commitment to my own decisions.

Later I might get a bigger picture of what personal growth actually is. On the way hopefully I can inspire you and make you ask yourself more questions about your own life.

What you CAN expect from growthbuddy

  • a record of small and big things I change or already have changed
  • stories about people, who inspire me
  • Links to books, talks, blogs or podcasts that inspire me
  • emotional brain clutter full of Weltschmerz 😉
  • contradictions
  • sometimes ironical articles about mindfulness and all this stuff
  • more questions than answers

What you CAN’T expect from growthbuddy

  • scientifically researched articles about psychological issues
  • a “how-to” guide about how to grow personally
  • articles about vegetable plantations or home growing weed
  • answers

Who am I?

I’m Uli from Germany – currently living somewhat of a nomad life. My hobbies are hiking, writing and good conversations. I’m editing videos and write SEO texts for a living. (I used to sell beers for sometime as well.) Mostly I’m doing too many things at the same time and I’m prone to procrastination. This is why sometimes I don’t post something in ages and then five articles in a row.

Soon I would like to reorganize my blog and help you to actually find articles to read. 

Update October 2021: I installed an ‘Archives’-Page. Finally you can get an overview of all of my articles. 

What else?

You might want to start here: “Who is this Growthbuddy?”

You are more interested in my external journey? Than check out my travelblog uliquitous.com (even though I haven’t posted since 2018.) 

The best way to contact me is probably via instagram or LinkedIn.

Or write an email to [email protected].


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