Sweet Despair

You are allowed to struggle.
You are allowed to scream.
You are allowed to cry.
But you are never allowed to give up.

Sunday Thoughts

Lead weights are pulling my limbs down to the core.

Everything falls into place.

Gravity is contracting me softly.

My body is merging with the ground.

Unable to move, but truly alive I become one.


Never miss an opportunity to grow.
Always absorb information, listen carefully and learn.
Failure is painful, but it is crucial for your success.
You never stop growing as long as you don’t resign.

Confusion Coma

My perfectionism disables my productivity – the fear of failure makes me powerless. Paralyzed I scrape around – unable to get started.

When decision making becomes a torture every idea turns into a burden.
When opportunities become obstacles, openness closes doors.

I don’t see the wood for all the trees, because my senses are occupied by self-consciousness.

There is no way forward – as long as I don’t “make way”. Unfortunately nobody can help me with this.

Deep inside of me I know that I have to push through. Deep inside of me there is wisdom beyond that pain. The pain that is part of humanization. The pain that demands to be felt.

But from time to time and often enough I ask myself: Why? Why do I ask all these questions without answers?

Saying Yes

Yes, I’m struggling.
Yes, I’m lonely at times.
Yes, I don’t know, where I’m going.
But at least I’m free.

Collective Burnout

Red eyes – blinded.

Faces like wax.

Lips pressed to a pale line enclosing fears.

Back bended dragging a heritage.

Distracted by diversion we are sliding into non-existence.

Soul-destroying lovelessness is soaking up our energy.

Iced-hearted we are burning out – collectively.



Sometimes I feel like I’m not experiencing the world, but I’m absorbing it. It feels like all the external influences are dissolving my body and my whole existence into nothingness.