Love is The Only Confession

I know it now with certainty:
My love is needed beyond manifestation.
The only confession to make, is to love unconditionally.


Falling Into Perfection

I’m broken open.
I’m shaken loose.
I’m messed up.
I’m swirled around like an antidote.


Allow Abundance

Do you allow abundance or are you resisting the flow of life?

I’m sitting at a hotel close to Delhi Airport. A five months journey of full-on transformation is coming to an end. Mainly it was a journey to myself. As most of you know, I’m not travelling in order to explore places but to discover my inner landscapes.

On this trip, more than ever before, I was able to witness my own transformation.

India broke me open. It loosened the tight bits. It shook the rigids of my being.

Never have I felt so fluid. Never have I felt so full of excitement facing the challenges ahead.

Mainly because I understood that everything I’m ever experiencing is a creation of my own mind. So why would it be scary?

I am not in control. Clearly.

Life is in control and it is moving through me. This abundance of power can be unnerving at times, because it rattles the human condition.

Many people, including myself, talk about abundance. But honestly, I think there is a huge misconception taking place. One might think, once I am abundant, nothing can scare me anymore. Life will move smoothly.

And it does! Because life doesn’t care about you specifically. She just moves – smoothly in her own terms.

Life goes on with or without you.

Life is abundance and this is what she offers us too. The fun part is: This abundance is already right here.

BUT. And there is the big but: It’s not flowers and unicorns or an enormous amount of money in our bank accounts.

Abundance is change. Abundance is constant flow. We can not expect to experience abundance while fearing the consequences of change.

Change and transformation is inherently scary for the human mind – and so is abundance, if we really look at it with all honesty. This is what abundance is: It is change. And we do fear the change that abundance brings us…

What happens if the mind looses grip?
What happens if, suddenly, something else leads the way?

Call it heart. Call it heart-mind. Call it wisdom – the only truth there is.

Cause and effect. Constant movement. The abundance of life requires steady opening – constant destruction in one form or another…

It is the destruction of the old and an immediate creation of the new which leads to another destruction in every moment.

Abundance is powerful and it forcefully destructs the old – if you are ready or not.


Meet Yourself in Love

Can you turn towards yourself?
Can you melt your rigidity?
Can you live solidly and yet respond to life vividly?

I’m asking you whole-heartedly: Can you meet yourself fully in love?

Go on human. Embrace the supposedly opposites.
Respond. Cooperate. Unite with the counterforces.


Divine Intervention

There is something moving inward – and outwardly.

The divine intervention.

I’m the vessel, the means of transformation.

More than anything I’m here to respond.

I’m not in charge. I do not lead. I am the direction.

On the verge, I am that tool.

I am the armour. There is no need to arm myself.


From The Streams of (Un)Consciousness

There is so much to say. My synapses are numbed.

Still, I feel the pressure to share.

I want to document, because I can’t know what I’m documenting right here.

I’m trying to hold on to it. Or is it holding on to me? I’m not sure.

What I know for sure is that life is ever changing. And more and more I come to witness my own change. And more and more I accept it. I accept myself in not-knowing and in ever-transforming.

Slowly I’m re-establishing a connection with myself and with the world – mainly by connecting with myself.

I’m coming to understand that I can’t know. Do I find pleasure in not knowing?

Surely not!

What I’ve been coming to terms with is the fact that my mind has a very limited capacity. It knows what it knows and it calls it experience.

But what is experience really?

It is diving into the new of every moment.

Accordingly to cambridge dictionary it’s the process of getting knowledge or skill from doing, seeing or feeling.

So how do we get life experience?

Yes, by doing, seeing and feeling life. Not by gathering information.

Unfortunately this is all that our mind does. It gathers information to a point that makes life unrecognizable.

Life becomes a stencil of what we “know”.

As long as our lives are dictated by mind, this is the only lens we ever see through.

The joke is that we can not know life! Life doesn’t know itself, because it’s a force! It is energy!

There is nothing to know about life, because life energy is ever changing.

And we are that change. We are that life.

Nothing in life is ever as it seems. Because everything in life is constantly moving. Think about it a little longer then 3 seconds! We created concepts and stories that we call culture nowadays.

We create value but our values are rocksolid!

We are stonewalling ourselves, because we are denying the constant flow. The constant uncertainty that is the current of our life.

People, it’s time to wake up!

Shake it loose. Forget what you have learnt. Drop your expectations and let life unfold.


Who Are You Without Your Mistakes?

Who are you without your mistakes? This is a question I kept pondering for a while now – probably for years.

Are you you? Without mistakes?

Are you fulfilling your “dharma” – without mistakes?

“In ‘doing’, there are always mistakes.”

This is what Swami Rakesh, my philosophy teacher at the 200 hours yoga teacher training I have just finished told me in a private consultation.

This implies: If we are not making any mistakes, are we doing?

I repeat, because it is so fundamental: Who are you without your mistakes?

You might walk, but do you walk in your own shoes?
You might do, but do you do you?

Or are you avoiding the thing you want to do, because you are avoiding mistakes?

Another perspective:

Do you learn without mistakes?

Of course not!

Perfection is not the path. It can’t be…. Why? Because we are here to learn.

The path is paved with mistakes. Detours. Ups and downs.

This is how we see.

This is how we dis-cover the things that are being hidden from us.

How will you be able to see the whole picture if you only look at what you want to see?

How do you feel fully if you avoid feeling the whole spectrum?

How do you find comfort in this life if you only walk on the bright side?

This is not it!

I know you know it!

Darkness is an aspect of the light. Without dark, there is no light.

This is more fundamental to understand than I could ever imagine… And yet, I’m scratching the surface…..


Blank Slate

I’m diving deep and yet I’m scratching the surface.
I’m travelling far and yet I’m going nowhere at all.
I’m letting go and yet I’m receiving more than I can take in.
I’m here and yet I’m eternal.


What Are You Holding on to?

What are you holding on to?
Life moves with lightning speed.
By clinging to the past, you are holding your future hostage.


My Life Changed…

My life changed…

when I allowed lightness.

when I let myself harvest the fruits.

when I acknowledged my work.

when I appreciated my own journey. Every step of it.

For a long time something was missing in my life and I could not grasp what it was.

Until I found it within myself. This female role model that puts me at ease.