What I Really Want In Life

…is simple but yet hard to find. 😉

Today is one of those days of clarity and I decided to post this without hesitating. I just give myself ten minutes to write this thing down and then I gonna publish it. This is going to be incomplete, maybe repetitive but for sure it is honest.

“Uli, what do you want?” – Many people (including myself) asked this question within the previous years. Within the next few sentences I want to distill the essence of what I want. No blubbering – just straight talk (as straight as a hand-drawn line by a three year old ;D).

What do I want?

I want to breathe in and out consciously.
I want to be aware of the signals of my body.
I want to carry full responsibility for my health.

I want to explore my needs and live up to my own values.
I want to truly understand how I feel in every moment without blaming or judging myself for it.

I just want to watch my thoughts and accept them without trying to change them.

I want to be able to make new encounters truly open and unbiased.
I want to look into the eyes of a stranger with real interest instead of superficial curiosity.
I want to be able to share my feelings with everybody.
I want to have the time of my life with random strangers without expecting to ever meet each other again.

I want to consider every situation, every encounter, every conversation, every walk through city or nature as an opportunity to learn.
I want to grow above me.

I want to reconcile my inner callings and my actions in my everyday life.
I want to find a way to not break, because the heavyweight of this system is dragging me down.

I want to live truly awake.
I want to appreciate every moment – even the darkest ones.
I want to love life in prosperity and in adversity.

I want to find a place, where I can live peacefully. A place where I can eat without worrying about the environment. A place where I can laugh tears and cry rivers. In child pose. On the ground.

I don’t want to make anybody responsible for my life apart from myself.
I want to live independently, but not lonely – side by side with people I love.

I want to work for a real purpose.
I want to do what really matters.

What I want is truth. The real truth. The Chris-Mc-Candless-style-truth. I don’t want fake anymore.

Nobody is living my life for me, so I do it as good as I can.

Love life <3




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