I Know Nothing

Our mind likes to trick us. It wants to convince us, that we can explain the world with our thoughts. But our thoughts are just generated. They are programmed into our system. Our thoughts are disconnected from the essence of our being. They are intruders – foreign matter. They don’t belong to us.

Without our thoughts – what are we? We breathe, we eat, we reproduce. This is the reality that has been given to us by nature. Everything else is just a creation.

Everything we know about us and others are just our thoughts. And thoughts are always subjective. They will never reflect the reality.

We can acknowledge, but we can never know. With everything we put in words we attempt an explanation. (Like this post, too.)

It is time to say good bye to presumptions, prejeduice and judgements. It can only lead to disappointment. Nothing is like it seems. We set free by not-knowing.




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